Saturday, May 15, 2010

I just recently discovered this gem. is a free (has a free level of use) cloud based file backup and retrieval tool. But it does a lot more:
  • You get 2 GB (or 2,000 MB) of storage space to start with.  I only have 10 MB on this Blog site.

  • You can get more space, up to 3 more GBs, by inviting friends to sign up. You get an addition 250 MB for each referral that joins and they get that also.  Go to and sign up and we will both get 250MB.
  • You can download and install clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhones that create a dropbox folder on your computer that you can just drop files into and they are automagically backed up and synched with the other computers you used. I have this installed now on my office Dell, my work Netbook, my home Mac and my iPod and it is wonderful.
  • It even has a web access site so you can access your files from a computer without the client being installed. For example if you were on your friends or a public computer lab.
  • You get a Public folder in your Dropbox that you can get the URL for files in that folder and use this to share files to anyone without a dropbox account. I tested with with an eXe website module and it worked.
  • You can also share any of the other folders with other dropbox users and use this for collaboration.
  • You can put any types of files up in the Dropbox, even video clips, so if you have a large file too large to post on your blog or portfolio site, you can put it in here and link to it.
  • You can also share your photo files using the photo albums in the Photos folder.  I am using this to distribute photos to my students.
  • It even keeps a log of the changes to your files that you make and allows you to undelete a file.
  • Did I mention it was free. You can pay and get more space. $10 a month gives you 50 GB and $20 gives you 100 GB.  Last summer I bought a 1 TB (1000GB) USB external harddrive for $130, and I will use that for backing up most of me stuff.  But, for files for projects that I am working on day-to-day and my course docs, I am going to use Dropbox.
Give it a go, and provide some feedback.

Rod Corbett

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