Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brainstorming in the Clouds - Edistorm

Here is a gem I just found and I am eager to use in class and a workshop on Tuesday.  It is called Edistorm.   It is a brainstorming tool that using the metaphor of using different coloured sticky notes on a wall to collect, share, sort and rank ideas.  What I like about it is:

  • It is easy to use because we all know the metaphor. 
  • You can collaborate on your storm with anyone and everyone but they will need to register. (it is free)
  • There is an idea generator built-in to help you generate more. 
  • Your storms are saved and can be accessed any time from any where. 
  • It is not Flash based so I can use the iPad. (haven't tested that yet.)
  • Collaborators can post visidots to vote for ideas. 
  • I believe you can use your google or fb login to sign up. 
  • You can export your storm in a XLS or PDF 
  • This tool is an Alberta grown tool. Based out of Edmonton. 
  • Oh, yah, and it is FREE for solo and public storms (you can't do private storms without paying)
  • It doesn't seem to work as well in IE and Firefox as it does in Safari and Chrome.  A good reason for everyone to switch to Chrome. 
Teaching Applications
  • Your class could use this a brainstorming and planning tool. 
  • It could be used as a project management tool for team work. The instructor can easily monitor the team's progress. 
  • You could use it on the present computer in from the of the class and come back to it in succeeding classes to make sure questions were addressed. 

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