Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nexus 7

Last week my Nexus 7 Tablet arrived. I ordered the 16 GB model for the Google Play site. I really like this device. I have worked with many mobile devices to compare this to including the Asus Transformer Prime and iPad but this one is the best of them all in my experience. And that is not taking into account that it cost less than half of the other two tablets mentioned.   And the 8GB model is the same price as the 8GB iPod Touch. is the link to learn more about this device but it just became available last month and it is selling out fast. I was in Futureshop yesterday and although they had a demo model on the floor, the website shows that none of the stores in Calgary have any in stock.

What do I like about it other than it is only 7 inches so it fits in my pocket (jacket pocket), it only cost $250, it is fast (Tegra 3 quad core processor), the screen is excellent (1280x800 pixels), it runs Android Jelly Bean and all of the Google Apps that I use and it has a battery that gives me all day running time.

This device is going to make a different both in the mobile device market and in education, as more students and faculty start to acquire these. At less than half the price of an iPad, and easier to carry around, I think University students will pick these up where they didn't choose the iPad, which is too large and too expensive.  I have heard many students say that they have already invested in a laptop and smartphone and couldn't justify an iPad, which is about the price of a laptop.

Will they pick up a Nexus 7 for $200? Good question. Would you?  I did, I suggest you should. This is the killer Android device and it is loaded with killer apps and media.

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