Friday, August 24, 2012

Improvements to, formerly has just made some improvements to their service:

  • New course tools: They recently redesigned Lore's course management tools—discussion, calendar, library, and gradebook—for the fall. They've continued to refine the product to help turn your class into a community.
  • Academic profile: You and your students all have profiles showing your background, aspirations, and courses. You can follow them and they can follow you. We've added a few other things too. 
  • Academic groups: You and your students can now create academic groups, which have most of the same functionality as a course. You can create one with your department or colleagues at other schools.
And here is a link to an article posted in the Economist about the story of Check it out at 

I find it interesting that their business model to patterned after Facebook's, achieve critical mass the money will follow.  Or will they just go until their $6Million runs out. 

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