Monday, January 01, 2007

Real Alternative and Media Player Classic

About a year ago I ran into a problem that our IT department had blacklisted the Real Media Player for installation on our college computers, yet we had just subscribed to a PD Resource site that required the Real Media Player in order to play many of its recorded presentations. The reason Real Media Player was blacklisted because it now carries with it a lot of spyware and other undesirables.

We found a solution, a alternative player Real Alternative . And best of all it is free. Click here to access it now. It is based on the freeware Media Player Classic, which is a really nice little player that have many other uses other than playing Real Media.

Here are the reasons I recommend this:
  • It is easier to install and use.
  • It is fast, free and legal to distribute.
  • Plugs nicely into IE or Firefox
  • Plays a lot of other multi-media formats
  • Also plays DVDs better than the other DVD players I have:
  • Support real-time zoom
  • Supports saving bookmarks in your media presentations and DVD movies.
  • I can fast forward and rewind easier.
BTW, if you also want to avoid installing QuickTime, there is a QuickTime codec for Media Player Classic also. Click here to access.

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