Thursday, December 28, 2006

Google Calendar Tool

I have been using the Google Calendar tool for a while now but just discovered some advanced things that I (and you) can do with it:
  • It is free, fast and very easy to use. You can add events to it in a snap and easily move it later. It has one of the best set of tools for repeat events also.
  • It is web-based so I can access it from anywhere and any time, that I have Internet access. I can print it out for reference.
  • It shows my schedule is several useful views including agenda, monthly, weekly and daily.
  • I have my calendar embedded as a gadget in my Personalized Google Homepage. Have you seen all of the cool gadgets you can add?
  • You can share your calendar with others. Either on an individual basis or to publish it to a Website as an embedded object. Click here to see an example.
  • I can have multiple calendars. I have four calendars each with a different colour that I can hide, copy from one to another or merge. I use one for appointments and one for planning time blocks for doing tasks. You can copy events from one calendar to another.
  • I also have calendars for organizations that I can managing events for and posting on their websites.
  • I have the weather in Calgary on my calendar. I could put the moon phases also.
  • My wife and I share each others calendar so that we can see each others schedule at anytime.
  • You can set up shared calendars for your workgroup or organization with Google Calendar. This is very useful if you don't have access to another online calendar.
  • Your group can post comments on events and discuss them.
  • You can invite others to a meeting with invitation going out through email.
  • You can also set reminders that can either popup in a window, send you an email, or call your cell phone number. It can even email you an agenda for the day each morning.
  • And you can search your calendars for any text string to help to locate an event, even old ones.

This is a great free online calendar. I am still looking for a way to synchronize it with my PDA calendar though.

Click here to access Google Calendar.

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