Friday, March 21, 2008

Free Synchronous Webconferencing

While organizing the Canadian E-Learning Conference for June of this year, you are all going to come, right?

... I have run across a free web conferencing system that we are exploring using at the conference to provide live access to the presentations by the online participants. It is call WiZiQ and the URL is at

Besides being free it has the following features that I like:
  • It only requires you to have Flash Player installed to use it and most everyone has that already, how else would you watch your programs. This also eliminates the majority of the problems that users have using other systems that require propriety software to be downloaded and installed.
  • It records the sessions in Flash format so they can be viewed afterwards with just Flash Player.
  • It appears to have all of the functionality of the other systems and it very simple to learn to use.
  • There are also features for sharing content files and having tests online.
  • it is Free, did I mention that already?

We have been doing some testing and it seems to work very well, is there anyone reading this that is using it? Please let us know how it is working for you.


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Michael Minions said...

I've been experimenting with WiZiQ at Okanagan College since December and have been quite impressed. It doesn't do application sharing but the audio works well, the whiteboard is functional and presentations load well as long as you keep the file size down. The video works, but sometimes causes file upload to freeze.