Saturday, March 15, 2008

ASUS Eee PC Sub Notebook

I now have one of the new ASUS Eee PC units to try out and I really like it. They can purchased from Memory Express or from The Source by Circuit City starting as low as $299. I now have the 8GB model for $499. A student pointed out that I can double the RAM from 512 MB on the 4GB model to 1GB by replacing the RAM chip for a $25 1GB chip.

I have also found a couple of interesting sites that help you to learn more about this unit:
This is the machine I have been waiting for, because:
  • It is small, light weight and inexpensive.
  • It is Linux based and liberates me from MS.
  • It comes with Open Office installed which I am getting to like much better than MS Office.
  • It is designed to be a portable Web browser. I now use more Web-based apps than installed and this would work great for me.
  • It is flexible, you can change the software on it, add SD Memory and it comes with 3 USB 2 ports.
  • This also would be a great computer for my daughter, who is in grade one. It is easy to use, durable and comes loaded with lots of software.
I find this unit is a lot easier to pack around then my laptop and so I tend to take it to more meetings for note taking and access the Net. I have also hooked it up to my 17" LCD monitor and it works great set at 1280x1024 with an external mouse and keyboard.

Earlier in March, Asus announced that they are coming out with a 9" screen version in June (the current version has a 7" screen) that will come with 1GB or RAM and 8 GB or 12 GB of SST Hard Drives. Not only is the screen better but the resolution on it will be 1024x600, while the current one is 800x480. As best that I can tell, the size the unit is only slightly larger.

If you have one, let us know by posting a comment.

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