Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beyond flipping classrooms

Here is an interesting article by Cathy Davidson that challenges the notion of the flipped classroom being good enough to make a difference.   The article is Why Flip The Classroom When We Can Make It Do Cartwheels? and it does a great job of describing how they have gone beyond flipping classes at Duke to applying the principles under study to real world challenges.

It is impressive what they are doing and warrants considering. How could you design your courses to have your students working on real world challenges that are authentic, interesting, challenging and engaging? That is the question.

Cathy promises to provide more information about how to do this. I look forward to it.

This reminds me of the Educative assignment describe by Dee Fink. These are assignments that require the students to apply what they have learned to problems/challenges that they would very likely encounter in the professional workplaces they are preparing for. A more future focused approach to assessment rather than focus on what the student has learned.

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