Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Features to Mention

I just received three significant new features on some of the tools I used that you may be interested in.

Gmail:  You can now add multiple signatures with Rich Formatting and images for each of your email addresses.  I have been waiting for this as I use Gmail for at least three email addresses regularly including my work email address so now I can set up a signature line that is specific with my work contact information.

iPod Touch OS4:  Unfortunately, I bought my iPod Touch too early last year and missed getting the 3G model. Consequently, when I upgraded to OS4, I was not able to get the multi-tasking feature but the new Folders feature for apps was well worth the trouble.  Now I can stop deleting apps in order to explore new apps. Yes, I have filled up my quota of 11 Apps pages.  Now I can go beyond that limit, until I hit the next.

Google Forms: This the forms or survey tool in Google Docs. They just added the feature that allows you to set a Goto Page for each option in the multiple choice question type. The power of this is huge. This makes the tool a lot like Quandary where you can design scenario based learning activities or branching story lines.  I have used Quandary for this a few years ago to make role-play activities that the students can work through to challenge their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Although Quandary provides a bit more tools for this, you can't monitor the choices the students make as they walk through it. In Google Forms you can.  Very interesting.


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