Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Portable Computer Apps

Do you work on a computer where you can't install and run the computer programs that they want to run? Check out this site From this site you can install your favorite free computer programs on your USB Memory Drive and carry them with you in your pocket and run them on any Windows computer no matter how locked down it is.

Some of portable apps include:
  • Open Office - the free alternative to MS Office and some would argue is better.
  • GIMP - a full featured photo and image editing program.
  • Audacity - record, edit and create MP3 audio files
  • Mozilla Firefox - the for browsing the web
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - for working with your email
  • Mozilla Sunbird - calendar and task organizer
  • Nvu - for developing websites.
  • Miranda - for instant messaging with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users
What is even cooler is that if you need accessibility features then check out these three:
So for a $10 USB Memory drive you can practically carry your computer programs and data files in your pocket. Oh and by the way, if you buy a USB Memory Drive with the U3 software on it, you might as well delete that as it appears to be useless to me.

Rod Corbett

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D'Arcy said...

Rod, that link looks really handy! Cool! ;-)