Thursday, June 07, 2007

Podcast Recordings Available for the Future of Eduation Conference

The podcast link is now available for the MP3 recordings of the presentations from this conference hosted by George Siemans and University of Manitoba. Click here to learn more about the conference.

I really appreciate these presentations being made available through MP3 because even though it is online, I could attend any of the sessions live because I have been just too busy this week. I also find it restrictive that I need to use Elluminate to view the archive recordings. I love the MP3 recordings because then I can load them into my MP3 player and listen to them anyway. I can also share them easier.

The URL for the Podcast list in RSS is which came up right into my Google Reader, which even offered to play them for them. Nice.

Thanks George.


1 comment:

George Siemens said...

Hi Rod - thanks for the mention. No problem on making mp3s seems of all the decisions we made this conference to share, the podcast one seems to be the most popular :).