Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Are you feedback with fighting with your email software? I was and tired of checking multiple accounts and deleting spam. I was especially frustrated with the email server managers emailing me warnings that my inbox is getting full and that I need to remove message. I hate doing that when I don’t have time to carefully consider that I need to keep. Actually, I just hate deleting anything because I just know I will need it late. Not that I can find old important messages in my email anyway.

Okay, then a friend invited me to try Gmail or Google Mail and it is by fair the BEST email tool on this planet. And if you ask other Gmail users, they will say the same thing. And it is free. Why do I like it?

  • I moved all of my other email accounts (save my to it very easily and now I just need to check in one place.
  • It is webbased so I can access it anywhere.
  • I have almost 3 Giga Bytes of storage so no one bugs me to clean up my inbox. I have been using it for 6 months and I am still under 10% used.
  • I can attach files to a message to myself and use it as web storage. Max file size per message is 10 MB.
  • I can use the Google Search engine to fine the email messages I need.
  • It automatically add any email address I send to or recieve from into the contacts list.
  • It clusters messages into conversations.
  • It supports labels instead of folders. Messages can essentially be in more than one folder/label at a time.
  • It has a star flagging tool for flagging messages that require my attending. I can quickly list all messages starred.
  • It has great spam controls.
  • Gmail is also integrated with Google Talk an easy to use Instant Messaging tool that stores your transcripts into your Gmail box.
  • It has a great spell checker and rich formatting tool that appears just like Word.
  • It is fast and reliable. It saves to draft automatically so you don’t lose your message with a network disruption.
  • It is just way too easy to use and it is free.

I highly recommend this as a replacement email system to teachers and students. To get signed up you need to have a current gmail user invite but that is not difficult, just look for a message in your inbox from a email address and ask them to invite you.

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